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2020-02-20 22:54

Fate of Most Duke Energy Coal Ash Still Uncertain The fourunit, 2, 422megawatt coalfired Roxboro Plant is one of the largest power plants in the United States. Ash pond basins there hold 19, 940, 000 tons of coal waste, the most at any utility property in North Carolina.Coal ash lawsuit to claim pollution in Person County. Duke Energy treats Hyco and the waterways that flow into it as an unprotected dumping grounds, according to the SELC. The group also says the coal ash stored in unlined lagoons allow pollutants to leach out continuously. duke energy coal ash lawsuit

The fear is that toxic heavy metals could harm people, waterways and the environment. Duke Energy has been keeping the public in the dark about the flooding threats from massive coalash ponds at its power plants, including those in Indiana and Kentucky, environmental groups charged on Wednesday. Taking the first step in a federal lawsuit,

The lawsuit, filed in late August, said families were sent letters from Duke offering money in exchange for giving up future legal claims related to coal ash and contaminated well water. Jan 23, 2019  Duke Energy and some two dozen insurance companies are negotiating a possibility of what could be a 600 million lawsuit over coalash liability and won aduke energy coal ash lawsuit Duke Energy In Trouble Over Coal Ash Yet Again. The lawsuit, filed on behalf of the Roanoke River Basin Association, alleges that coal ash seeps from a pond into the nearby Mayo Reservoir, a popular fishing lake. Environmentalists also claim Duke Energy is releasing coal ash polluted water into Crutchfield Branch, a waterway that flows through the ash pond dam into the Roanoke River Basin.

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The lawsuit, filed Wednesday, states that the families were sent letters from Duke offering money in exchange for giving up any future legal claims related to coal ash and contaminated well water. duke energy coal ash lawsuit Group sues Duke Energy over coal ash; cites contamination of Mayo Lake. The Roanoke River Basin Association says Dukes Mayo power plant in Roxboro, near the Virginia line north of Raleigh, violated the federal Clean Water Act. It claims the 6. 9 million tons of ash at Mayo has illegally contaminated the popular fishing destination Mayo Lake, a nearby stream, wetlands and groundwater with toxic metals. Company is ahead of schedule on North Carolina's coal ash law deadlines. Duke Energy's plan to remove and recycle ash at the Buck facility also addresses the issues in a federal citizen lawsuit brought by the Southern Environmental Law Center (SELC). Both Duke Energy and SELC will make the necessary court filings to dismiss Duke Energy sues insurers over coal ash cleanup costs. Charlottebased Duke Energy ( DUK) said it filed a lawsuit in state court alleging breach of contract by insurers that have refused to pay claims that could total hundreds of millions of dollars. Dive Insight: In 2015, Duke Energy pleaded guilty to nine Clean Water Act violations related to coal ash across North Carolina. Through court orders and agreements with citizens groups and regulators, Duke agreed to excavate the ash and move it to dry, lined storage facilities at